A hero is the main force used by the player to progress through the game.

They can complete quests, recruit new heroes, discover new quests, explore regions, return new items, unlock potions and weapons for the guild and so on. The only thing they ask in return is money.

A hero is defined by his skills, attributes and traits.

Managing these heroes and their unique capabilities is the key to success. As some heroes will be better suited for certain tasks than others.

When sending heroes on a quest they can form parties to counter their weakness and make them a formidable fighting force. Sending as few heroes on a quest as possible is for the best but not without any risk. A hero not used can rest or do another task. Allowing your guild to achieve more in less time.


Everytime a Hero is send on an errant, it will cost him morale. Its a form of energy that gets depleted the more a hero is being used. Keeping him happy or making him rest however counters it.

Facilities within the guild can improve the weekly morale gain. Heroes can decrease the cost of morale through the Leadership skill and the Charisma attribute.

A hero with low morale will become unavailable or leave the guild.

Guild Brother

Guild brothers are bonded by blood. These heroes can be resurrected and stay with the guild forever. The maximum capacity of brothers is increased as the guild infrastructure expands.

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